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Thread: Remote Won't Pair

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    Remote Won't Pair

    Hello,I got the dimmers installed and I am able to control my lights with the app and google home. However I can't pair the remotes that came with the dimmers. I followed the steps in this video: none of the lights start blinking when I hold the bottom button for 6 seconds, but it did when I either paired the app or google home, can't remember which one....PLEASE HELP!

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    Since the dimmer has been paired to the Caseta app, the Pico won't link to it using that manual method anymore. You will have to add the Pico to the Caseta app instead.Settings > Add Device > Pico Remote.Once the Pico is added to the app and placed in the same room as the dimmer, it should automatically link to that dimmer and be able to control it.

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