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Thread: LED recessed halo Compatibility with RRD-6ND Dimmer (RA2 Select)

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    LED recessed halo Compatibility with RRD-6ND Dimmer (RA2 Select)

    Hello, I'm adding 20 of those ultra thin Recessed LED lights (the HALO type) in my home theater to be controlled by 4 different RRD-6ND Dimmers. I tried using a Jessar brand called Xtricity (, but they are buzzing.It is very difficult to find in the Lutron site a compatible dimmable LED recessed downlight that works because the LED finding tool only works for the CL dimmers. And to make it even more difficult I need the fixture to be BLACK instead of White......Please advise

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    To follow up on the above, I found the LED Product Selection Tool, but when using the RA2 Maestro LED w neutral (which I assume is the same as the RRD-6ND) I get a couple of LED lights from EATON. But none of them are known to be compatible with the RRD-6ND as they were only tested with the RRD-PRO. I cant find ONE LED Downlight in the tool that is compatible with the RRD-6ND......Please advise

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    The critical factor is the control technology. Forward phase (sometimes called leading edge or incandescent) and reverse phase (sometimes called trailing edge or electronic low voltage) are not compatible. In the "LED Product Selection Tool," leave the control technology blank or select forward phase for the 6ND. This should give you several pages of results.

    There are a lot of variables. A 60w bulb may have different electronics than a 40w bulb from the same manufacturer and may be different from another manufacturer. Lutron only tests bulbs that have been submitted by the manufacturer. That means there are a lot of compatible bulbs out there, they just haven't been tested yet.
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    Your content helped me a lot to take my doubts, thank you very much.

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