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Thread: Caseta PD-5WS-DV with low voltage

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    Caseta PD-5WS-DV with low voltage

    Hello,I currently have a mechanical switch that switches low voltage to trigger turning my fire place on/off. I'm wondering if the PD-5WS-DV will work with low voltage so I can remotely set the mood in a scene (turn fireplace on, turn fan on, dim lights)? If not, any suggestions on how to accomplish this?Thanks!

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    The Caseta PD-5WS-DV needs 120V to operate. If you were trying to accomplish this with just Caseta, you'll need 120V at the switch location. You could have the PD-6ANS run a normally open contactor with 120V coil. PD-6ANS turns on, closes the contactor, fireplace turns on. PD-6ANS turns off, contactor opens, fireplace off. No need to worry about the rating on the contactor, as long as it is rated for at least the voltage supplied by the fireplace and has a 120V coil, normally open.
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