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Thread: Suggestions for Aurora

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    Suggestions for Aurora

    I have Philips Hue connected up with HomeKit.1) It's a shame that the Aurora does not show up in HomeKit like other switches in the Hue Ecosystem (I have Philips Hue pop switches and also runlesswire switches).2) When you do set up, it uses Hue scenes, but it doesn't enable you to create a new scene, which can be a subset of a room. This is important as rooms in Hue are synchronised with HomeKit.

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    Needs scene control

    I have the Aurora light switch and it is a fantastic piece of equipment, however, since it works with the hue light bulbs I think it would be great if it could have scene control also. By this I mean, if you tap the button once you get one particular scene and if you tap the button twice rapidly you get a second scene. It is inexpensive light switch and it has so much more potential. I believe it could be improved to accommodate the above mentioned idea with a simple software update. I hope to see this update available soon.

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    Thank you both for providing us with your feedback. I've forwarded your comments to our product development team for the Aurora dimmer so they can take these into consideration for future features.

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