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Thread: Power Outage - Flashing Lights

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    Lightbulb Power Outage - Flashing Lights

    Hello, we installed a Grafik eye system (QSGRJ-16E) in my office over 3 years ago and now have run into a problem. We had a power outage last Friday and once the power came back online, the lights began strobing. I reviewed the controller and everything seemed to have saved as far as programming goes, but they don't stop strobing until I turn them off. Thoughts on what can be causing this issue and how I might resolve the problem?

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    Good Morning,We're sorry to hear about the issue you're experiencing with your Ecosystem Grafikeye. It's sounds like something may have happened on the bus connection between the Grafikeye and your light fixtures. If you're able to take a measurement between the E1 and E2 connection either at the Grafikeye or any of the fixture you should see 18v DC. Any other voltage would indicate an issue on the bus. I would suggest calling our 24/7 Technical Support line at 1-844-588-7661 and working with one of our Grafikeye QS Specialists, or you can email them at and they can help you troubleshoot this issue.We look forward to hearing from you.Mike S.Lutron Technical Support

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