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Thread: Difference between Dimmer PD-6CL and PRO PD10NXD

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    Difference between Dimmer PD-6CL and PRO PD10NXD

    Hello,This is a pre-purchase question, so I'm new to Caseta, but not to residential wiring. I have a few locations that have 3-way dimmers with mechanical switches at the opposite end, and I'd like to replace the dimmer with a smart dimmer, but leave the original mechanical switch at the other end. My reasons, besides cost and device count, is that I have multi-gang switches installed at those locations, and I'd prefer to leave them intact.In the Advanced Installation Guide, all the references for use with mechanical switches reference the PRO dimmer, not the PD-6 dimmer. Is it required that I use only the PRO with a mechanical switch?As a related second question, is it possible to use a Caseta dimmer (PRO or not) in a 4-way circuit, as long as the Caseta is located at one end of the run? (In other words, I'm not trying to swap out an existing 4-way switch.) tia

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    After posting, I reexamined the advanced instructions. Apparently the PRO has extra terminals (wires) to the circuitry. I assume that's the difference.

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    The PRO dimmer has a higher maximum wattage and has the neutral connection. If it doesn't break the bank- always use the PRO with a neutral wire in your box. Your LEDs and LED performance will thank you.
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    The Caseta Pro dimmer PD-10NXD is the only Caseta Dimmer that can be wired to an existing thee way mechanical switch. It can be used in a 4-way application however, you would need to use Pico remotes at the other two ends which at that point you might as well use the PD-6WCL.

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