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Thread: Maestro dimmer and companion issues

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    Maestro dimmer and companion issues

    Greetings,I installed a Maestro dimmer with a companion dimmer switch then found out I had another location for that set of lights so I added a second companion dimmer. I have gone over the wiring several times to make sure it is correct. Everything is wired according to the lutron 4-way wiring diagram; red wires to the blue screw, hot wire on the main dimmer to the black screw, hot wire on location 2 to the brass screw (also tried to black screw and it made no difference), and third location hot wire to black screw.Once I had these all installed and wired correctly I found that the main dimmer was programmed to be used with a regular switch, so I changed the programming to work with companions, then everything worked correctly, each location dimmed and turned on/off as it should. I then turned off the breaker and remounted all the switches and turned the breaker back on. Now only the main dimmer works and neither companion dimmer works.I've been messing with this for 2 weeks now, reading everything on line I can find, watching Youtube videos, etc. I'm at my wits end with this. Need help figuring out what the problem is, why does it work and then not work? Installing 3 switches should NOT be this difficult.Thanks in advance to anyone who might have a decent suggestion.

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    The systems division (RadioRA, HomeWorks, etc.) has a different wiring diagram. Power comes in on the black screw and out to the next device/load on the brass screw. The blue terminals are all connected together, typically with the red wire because it is easier to trace. If your dimmer has a neutral connection you must use it and it must go at the end where the wire goes up to the light. There are some instances where you may not need the neutral but it's a good idea to connect it anyway.
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    I have this identical situation. One master dimmer 2 companion dimmers wired it up and it worked as expected. Turned of power to finish up the work and upon power-up all stopped working at all. Did you figure out why yours stopped working?

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