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Thread: Dimmable stack switch for LED's

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    Dimmable stack switch for LED's

    I'm looking for a dual stack switch that is dimmable and works with LED's. Could someone please let me know which models are compatible. I need to be able to dim 4 Halo brand LED recessed lights (model RL560WH6940R) on one half of the dimmer, the other half of the switch will control a single Halo (model RL560WH6940R) and does not have to be dimmable.

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    MACL-LFQ is the only dual-device that Lutron makes that is LED rated. You would need to check for compatible bulbs. Unfortunately the 2nd device is a fan speed control. The MA-L3S25 is an incandescent dimmer and switch. The dimmer has a high minimum load (probably 50-60 watts) so it probably won't work for the 4-LED zone. I'm not sure if the switch would work with a single LED.
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    We that's a bummer. Anyone know of any solutions out there for this LED scenario?

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