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Thread: Pre-wiring for shades

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    Pre-wiring for shades

    We're at a stage of remodel where I need to run wiring for some Lutron automated shades. (There's a general preference for wired over battery-powered devices.) After window replacement, the walls are still open around several of the potential locations. The shades will be added to the existing RA2 lighting system.The exact window treatments, however, have not yet been selected. It seems to have been narrowed to roller shades or honeycomb blinds on the windows, but no direction yet on coverings for two sets of French doors. Is there a "universal" wiring approach that will accommodate whatever treatments are eventually chosen? I.e., can we run something like 2-wire 18AWG to the upper left corner of the windows (back to a central power panel location), and be confident that that will work with whatever treatments are eventually selected?We'd like to get the drywall up ASAP and not have to wait until all the window coverings have been selected, as it looks like that may take awhile.

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    18/2 is big enough for most shades. If you get up to 8'x8' I'd look at larger wire.

    It's a good idea to keep the wires on the same side. You specify the motor side when ordering so it's not a big deal if you have some with motors on the right.

    I know you favor wired power but the battery versions are much, much easier to install. The price is comparable to a wired shade with a power supply.

    If you are considering an inside mount, I would fish the wire while the walls are open. Pull the wire through about 6" from the end (so it clears any mounting brackets.
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    Thanks very much for the guidance. I probably would have put the wires too close to the corner. Sounds like I should run 18/2 to the windows and 16/2 to the doors.I agree that the battery-powered options would be an easier install. (And if something like Triathlon honeycomb are used, a couple retro-fit windows might get them.) But we favor wired because their headrails are smaller than the battery alternatives in most cases. We want a minimally-obstructed appearance when they're open, and these particular windows provide only 2" of depth for inside mount. The top casing will add another inch of depth to work with, but maintaining a clean, flush look rules out the bulkier Lutron options (for depth), and the battery-operated treatments add more "vertical bulk" that we want.Thanks again for advice on the wiring help.

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