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Thread: Scene Pico engravings with pictograms?

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    Scene Pico engravings with pictograms?


    I’m planning a new RA2 Select install, and I am looking for Pico scene remotes with pictograms instead of English labels due to language concerns where the install will be performed (Quebec). Obviously I am looking at the PJ2-4B-GWH-P01/2/3 series.

    I recently found out that the UK/Euro version uses pictograms on their RA2 Select scene remotes (PK2-4B-TAW-P02 for example - google ‘em). Obviously they aren’t compatible with NA Clear Connect frequencies so importing them is out of the question. But they sure look nice...

    I know we can get custom engraved Picos but I can’t find the pictograms used in the European version of RA2 Select on the order sheets (2 glasses, cooking icon, couch, etc). Any ideas on how I could order the exact same config but for the NA market? Or am I stuck with doing a half-assed job by using adhesive labels?

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    You are probably going to have to call customer service. I was able to find an engraving sheet but the icons are the standard bulbs and shades plus a stick person holding a broom. I believe the Pico is still made in Pennsylvania so it should be doable.
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    Follow that link, it shows how to change the frequency for some devices including picos to match the frequency of your main repeater.

    Let me know if it helps.

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