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Thread: 3-Way Dimmer Switch

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    Question 3-Way Dimmer Switch

    Hello, giving this another shot after trying to fix this again this weekend. I'm a total electricity noob so any help would be much appreciated.I'm trying to put in a Caseta wireless dimmer on a 3-way switch. Here's their whole instruction manual:I've installed a few of these through the rest of my house with no issues on a 3-way switch and 4-way switch. It's just the can lights in my kitchen won't work no matter how I try to wire them. The bulbs are compatible because other can lights in the same room will work on the same dimmer switch.I'm trying to set up what they have on pages 2-5 in their manual (basically make a 3 way switch a 2 way switch with a dimmer.)On one end of this switch I have a 2-gang box. The switch in question has 4 wires: 1 white, 1 ground, 1 black, and 1 red. Each are wired to their own terminal.on the other end I have a 4-gang box. The switch in question has 4 wires. 1 red/white stripe, 1 ground, 1 black, and 1 red. Each are wired to their own terminal.With the light switch off, the black wire in the 2-gang box does NOT have power and the one in the 4-gang box DOES have power, if that's helpful at all.Would someone be able to maybe tell me how I should wire this to get the dimmer switch to work appropriately?

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    Sounds like you have the PD-6WCL dimmer. This can be installed on either side of the circuit. Let's use the 2 gang location for the dimmer. You state you have 1 white, 1 black, 1 red and 1 ground. The ground goes to the green wire on the dimmer. Of the remaining wires, which one was connected to the black screw on the previous switch? This wire would need to be connected to one of the black wires on the dimmer by itself. The remaining two wires would be your travelers and would then both get connected to the remaining black wire on the dimmer. Then at the 4 gang location, the ground would be capped off with a wire cap. The remaining three wires 1 black, 1 red and 1 red/white stripe would get twisted together and then place a wire cap on them. The Pico remote would be placed in this location. This is illustrated on page 5 of the following link.

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