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Thread: How to unpair a 2 button Pico

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    How to unpair a 2 button Pico

    I have 2 Caseta in wall dimmers and one 2 button Pico. I purchased the dimmers new, but I think the Pico is used (purchased on Ebay). I'm using the Lutron Bridge Pro, but I do not have the dimmers paired to the Pico.

    Somehow the dimmers have become paired to the Pico. When I press the top button on the Pico both dimmers turn on. When I press the bottom button on the Pico both dimmers turn off.

    I dont know how this happened, I did not set them up this way. I dont want the Pico paired with the dimmers.

    I tried unpairing by tapping the bottom Pico button 3 times, and holding it for 6 seconds on the third press, and then tapping 3 more times, however the dimmers remain paired.

    How do I unpair the dimmers from the Pico?

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    It's in the advanced instructions.
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