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Thread: Terrible service from customer support

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    Angry Terrible service from customer support

    Up until 15 minutes ago, I was a loyal customer. I installed 8 caseta switches in my last home. Never had an issue. We loved the system. We moved to a new home earlier this year. I finally got around to buying a new bridge and switches. Did everything the same as my last home. I have the same internet service provider and same modem. When I open the app, I get "Connect Failed, We could not connect at this time". I followed the troubleshooting tips listed on the app. Numerous times. Left both the modem and bridge unplugged for hours at a time while everyone was out of the house. No change. I can see the bridge through the modem (can see the ip address and mac address). So I know it's connected to the modem.I figured i better call technical support. Called the line and left my number. After about 15 minutes, I get a call back. I explained my issue. His first question to me was "is this the first time you're calling?" I said "Yes". I had barely finished saying yes when he shot back "so why are you calling at night?" I was stunned. I didn't know what to say. Finally I was able to say "I work during the day, when else would I call?". He said "we don't have many people here at night, you should be calling another time". I lost it. The tone of this guys voice was awful. I've never been so disgusted by a company representative, which is saying a lot as I work in construction and am used to dealing with abrasive people who routinely yell, scream and swear.My question: I've just dumped $600 into a system that obviously has no customer support. How do I get my money back? I have boxes of switches that can't be controlled (the few I've installed and they work locally, but they are WAY TOO EXPENSIVE to just be used as a local switch). I DO NOT WANT ANY LUTRON DEVICES IN MY HOME EVER. I've never been treated like this. I'm tempted to put everything with "lutron" on it under the tire of my truck and drive over it a few times. I guess I would get satisfaction posting a photo of all the lutron stuff in a few dozen pieces with the caption "works as good now as it did when it came out of the box". I hope someone from Lutron reads this and listens to my call. They say when you call into the customer service line that "this call may be recorded for training purposes". I hope this is true. I want my money back. There is nothing that Lutron can do to get back my loyalty. One customer service rep destroyed any chance of future purchases from this customer.I would recommend you change your 24 / 7 customer support line to 12 / 7 customer support and 12 / 7 customer belittling. Or maybe 12 / 7 customer support and 12 / 7 ignorant customer service reps who will yell at people who just spent a lot of money buying our products. Take your pick. Use your imagination. But you need to change it. It IS NOT A 24 /7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT LINE.

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    I've been installing Lutron for a very long time. Their tech support is, by far, the best in the industry. It doesn't surprise me that this guy slipped through the cracks. I would not let him get away with that. I would call during the day and ask to speak to a supervisor. Lutron really needs to know what this guy is doing.
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    I would call back in the day time. Lutron does log EVERY call and who takes it. If you can give them a day and approximate time- they will know who took the call and correct the issue. I've never heard of anyone reporting something close to this. They are always cordial and polite, to a fault.
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    I completely agree with randyc and SDR-Mike. I have had nothing but very positive experiences when talking to Lutron support. Always courteous and helpful.

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    Good Morning, I am very sorry to hear about the experience you're describing here. This is something Lutron takes very seriously and I'd like to discuss this with you further. If you could reach out to me at I'd very much like to dig into this situation more so we can make sure that it doesn't happen again. I look forward to hearing back from you soon,Mike S.Lutron Customer Satisfaction

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