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Thread: Timed event won't turn off

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    Timed event won't turn off


    I have a timed event for my outdoor lights to turn on off. They turn on 5 minutes after sunset and are scheduled to turn off at 5am.

    They turn on perfectly fine, as scheduled. However, the 2 lights on my garage do NOT turn off (the 2 lights on my porch turn off no problem).

    At first the installer thought maybe the Smart Bridge was too far so relocated it. Now it's about 20' from the garage lights, still same problem.

    This is the Caseta Wireless system. Not sure if you need any other info.


    Oh.... PS ..... In the morning when I check on the garage lights, my iPhone app show them as being OFF. But they aren't off, they're on.

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    What is the load on the Caseta switch?
    Simple automation when DIY isn't working

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