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Thread: Dimming led potlight issue

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    Dimming led potlight issue

    Hi, I recently had potlights installed and I installed the Diva dimmer. I noticed that my lights flicker intermittently when they are dimmed. I tried changing the bulbs, different dimmers and checked the wiring for any loose connections but no luck. Any ideas why this may be happening? Also does a ELV dimmer work for LEDs?

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    There are several models of Diva dimmers. The CL model (DVCL-153) is probably the best choice for LEDs. It also has an adjustment for setting the trim which helps with flickering.

    ELV dimmers work with LEDs but you will need to make sure the LED has an electronic driver.

    You can check to find bulbs that Lutron has tested for compatibility with the Diva dimmers.
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    The dimmer you mentioned is what I installed but it flickers occassionally. It does not occur always. So I am very confused as to why this is happening.

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