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Thread: Transfer with partial activation?

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    Transfer with partial activation?

    Hi,Sorry if this is an obvious question but is it possible to partially activate and transfer a project? For example, I am doing a project now that will have some large gaps between dimmer/ keypad installations. Is it possible to activate only the devices that are currently installed (skipping the ones not yet installed) and then transfer for partial functionality?I have tried going around and activating the devices I do have but the transfer tab is greyed out. Any workarounds for this?Thank you!

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    You should be able to transfer with some devices not activated. You will get warning messages but it will work. you need at least 1 lighting zone in the system. It doesn't have to be activated but it has to be in the program. If you have 2 main repeaters, I think they both have to be activated but don't quote me on that.
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