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Thread: Reset password for HomeworksQS

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    Question Reset password for HomeworksQS

    Hello,I just bought a condo that is fully equipped with Homeworks QS. I'd like to use the Lutron QS Integration Protocols to integrate it with other systems.Unfortunately, the installer changed the default password to connect via telnet with the processor... I contacted them and the person that did the installation in my condo is no longer with the company...Is there any way to reset the password of my Homeworks? Any other workaround?Thanks!Roberto

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    They told you what?? You will need the HQS programming software. The dealer should be able to look at the database and tell you all the telnet user names and passwords. If they don't have the database they should be able to extract it from the processor. It doesn't matter if the original programmer is with the company or not. If they are no longer HomeWorks dealers, any HomeWorks dealer should be able to find the passwords.
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