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Thread: Control 4 Janus DMX Colour Wheel Drive

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    Control 4 Janus DMX Colour Wheel Drive

    I'm currently programming a QS System utilising qse-ci-dmx out to a 512 DMX interface so far all good. But the client would like to control this by a Control 4 Touch Panel and a Janus Colour Wheel Drive Cant seem to get this working at the mo Any ideas anyone?Thanks !
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    Adampg, Unfortunately setting DMX color through our app is not supported. You mentioned using Control 4 Touch Panel, if that supports the OUTPUT command to control the DMX color index, you would be able to set the color of the DMX to there different color indexes as they are programmed in the HWQS software. That is only 256 different color indexes however, so it would not be the full range of color you would find in a color chart.You can use on integration protocol found here at on page 8.

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    If HQS is controlling the color wheel and Control 4 is integrated properly, C4 should be able to do anything HQS is. I don't think you are going to get C4 to talk directly to the QSE-CI-DMX. You are probably gong to have to create a phantom keypad with button presses for the various functions.

    The other option is to have C4 talk directly to the Janus. Assuming C4 has a DMX driver and interface.
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