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Thread: HQRD/HQRA 6CL, 6NA discontinued

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    HQRD/HQRA 6CL, 6NA discontinued

    I received an email this morning stating that the HQRD/HQRA 6CL and 6NA were being discontinued. They didn't actually say when. They propose the HQRD/HQRA-PRO as an alternative. This is a 24% increase in retail price over the 6CL. The HQS PRO dimmer has the same MSRP as the 6NA.

    They haven't announced anything for RR2 but I suspect that is coming. The RRD-PRO MSRP is 19% higher than the RRD-6CL and 27% higher than the RRD-6ND. However, it is 10% lower thant the RRD-6NA.
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    Thanks for the heads up- I did NOT get that email.

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