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Thread: Sony TV commands not working - wrong formatting of <LF> character? (Take 2)

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    Sony TV commands not working - wrong formatting of <LF> character? (Take 2)

    Apologies for 1st version of this post. Struggling with loss of all line feeds as I post. Trying again with log file linked:- I am trying to configure Homeworks to control Sony TVs - initially just to turn them off. I have verified that I am able to control the tvs via a Netcat command from a Mac terminal using the ip address, port number (20060) and specific command string without any authentication so believe I have the tvs configured correctly to receive the instructions (Simple IP Control in Sony terminology) I have configured Homeworks per spec to send the required command string but it is not working. ie. *SCPOWR0000000000000000 followed by line feed character which is 0A in hex. See . When I try a couple of times and then review traffic using Outboundconnections on Terminal, I see the log which looks correct as far as I can tell save that the final character in the command string is just 'A' instead of '0A'. This is based on my configuring the use of the RS232 terminator as part of the ethernet device command but it does the same thing when I enter the full command string in hex with 0A as the last pair and don't configure use of a RS232 terminator. Is this just a different display convention or is Homeworks sending the wrong hex string? All suggestions/guidance welcome. Thanks James

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    Thanks for your post James.We would recommend reaching out to to see if we would be able to help with the issues you have encountered. We do apologize for the inconvenience and hope this helps!

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