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Thread: Caseta Wireless 4 speed Fan Control

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    Post Caseta Wireless 4 speed Fan Control

    Hello,I replaced a Leviton 4 speed fan control (H, M, L1, L2) with the Caseta 4 speed. I get High and low but no other speeds. This is wired into the neutral. There are 2 controls on the same circuit (a light and the fan switch). I've traced and confirmed that the neutrals I've tied into are going to the light/fan. The fan switch controls power to an outlet that the fan is plugged into. The fan is for a fireplace, so there is no fan speed setting as the fan switch controls the fan speed. I hate to lose the ability to set my fireplace scene but if I can't get the fan speed higher than low (hi is too loud) I'll have to swap back to the Leviton switch. I know there are no adjustments but since I've confirmed it's tied into the neutral, wondering if there are any suggestions on what else I can try?Thanks!

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    The Caseta fan control is designed to work with a specific type of paddle fan. Typically ones with pull chains to change the speed. I don't think it is ever going to work with your variable speed motor.
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