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Thread: Maximum voltage for PDW-6WCL-WH-A

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    Maximum voltage for PDW-6WCL-WH-A

    I was looking at this dimmer switch to control my outdoor driveway lights. The problem is that there are several of them (6 or 7) and each one has 3 incandescent light bulbs. I noticed the system has a 600W maximum. Is this the sum of all light bulbs controlled by the switch? If so, how can I control my outdoor lights?

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    The 6WCL has a maximum load of 600w of incandescent. However, it has to be derated when installed in a multi-gang box. The max drops to 500w if installed at the end of a box (only 1 device beside it) and 400w if installed in the middle (a device on both sides of it).

    You need to know the wattage of the bulbs, or if controlled by a transformer, the capacity of the transformer.

    There is a Caseta 1,000w dimmer (PD-10NXD). Lutron also offers a power booster (PHPM-PA-120).

    You can also use lower wattage bulbs.
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