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Thread: Can somebody give me a technical answer on couple compatibility questions below?

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    Can somebody give me a technical answer on couple compatibility questions below?

    All cool with the compatibility chart on bulbs and dimmers, but I would like to dig a little deeper to understand how it works.1. Why Lutron doesn't publish Minimum and maximum wattage on dimmers? 2. What exactly are the technical requirements for a bulb and dimmer to work properly? I used a MACL-LFQH-WH to dim 3 4.5W LED's and all of the lights pretty much staid on and didn't really dim enough.Then I used a MACL-153M to diem another set of same 3 units of 4.5W and it did a better job on getting them dim, but one light bulb still had a bit a glow while the other 2 were dim all the way. Other than using the quick compatibility reference, could anybody tell me the reasons, technical requirements on why some dimmers work better with some light bulbs and other do not? Thank you...

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    1. Wattage restrictions are based on the ability of the device to dissipate heat. Heat isn't the issue with LEDs. Brand A, model 1 may be 1 watt but you may only need a minimum of 1 per dimmer. Brand A, model 2 may be 3 watts but you may need a minimum of 2 per dimmer. Brand B may be completely different. Lutron tests the bulbs and lists the minimums accordingly.

    2. There are no standards for the manufacture of LEDs or drivers, they vary between manufacturers and even between models of the same manufacturer. It's like trying to put a Ford part on a Chevy. Until we get some standards, there will be a lot of trial and error.

    FWIW, there is an organization attempting to establish standards. No indication of when, if ever, they might have results.
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