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Thread: Disable/Lock Light Switch?

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    Disable/Lock Light Switch?

    Hello,Is there a way I can disable or lock a switch on or off? I have a kid that loves to get up and turn the light on when he shouldn't. So use case would be I turn out the light in the room (whether physically at switch or with app/homekit), and then the physical switch doesn't work. Was thinking there might be a long press on the switch to lock or something, but I'm not seeing that. Thanks

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    This does not exist. you could pull the FASS switch, but he'll probably figure that out. You could do repeated timeclock events to turn off the light, but that might be counterproductive in the long run for studying purposes.
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    Maybe in one of the 3rd party systems like SmartThings or IFTTT? You should be able to create a rule that says if the light turns on between 10pm and 6am, turn it off. There may be a time when you want to turn the light on and it is not going to work though.
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