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Thread: 1 pico 3 switches

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    1 pico 3 switches

    Can you have 1 pico control 3 dimmer switches, so they all turn on together? Without using the hub?

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    @Helmer Electric- Yes, you'll need to put each dimmer into an addressing mode by holding the off button for about 6-7 seconds. The LED readout to the left of the dimmer should all blink dimly. Then press the off button on the Pico for the same 6-7 seconds and the dimmer should respond by ramping up and down. Repeat for each dimmer, using the same Pico from the first. If you want to change the "favorite" center button- address all the dimmers first, then manually set the dimmers to where you would like your favorite "scene" and then hold the center button for 6 seconds. There will be no feedback, so test by turning the dimmers off with the Pico and then pressing the favorite button.
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