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Thread: Somfy Awnings, DigiOneSP Homework QS

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    Somfy Awnings, DigiOneSP Homework QS

    Hey Guys,Trying to integrate Somfy Awnings with HomeWorks. The end result we are looking for is; When the "Awning" button is pushed on a keypad the Somfy Awing would move. We have a Somfy Urtty, Connect Box, and A Digi OneSP. I have followed all of the directions and I believe my subbing point is I can't enter any login info. When I look at connections in the DigiOne interface I see it is trying to connect to the HomeWorks Processor but in just says "Logging In...." I"m assuming this is due to the Digi One not having login info. If that's the case I'm not sure where I would enter it. Has anyone used a DigiOne to integrate with anything via telnet?

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    Any luck? I have not specifically used the DIGIone. I did find this document...

    ...which has a link to a user guide on page 2. It sounds like you have to connect it directly to your PC to set the Ethernet settings.
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