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Thread: Your Smart Bridge had a problem updating. Please unplug it and then plug it back in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattDavid View Post
    Hi Kevin,

    I'm an android user, so the workaround suggested by Zach (see above) made the Smart Bridge fully functional for me. (I do not need Siri support.) However, for security reasons is it still necessary/recommended for me to update the firmware? And if so, is this done automatically, or would I have to force an update by power cycling the Smart Bridge?

    Also, this is not a troubleshooting related question, but are there plans to integrate with Google Now in the future? Or was the agreement with Apple exclusive?

    Thanks in advance and regards,

    We recommended performing regular firmware updates to ensure that any security vulnerabilities are fixed that we become aware of. There are no immediate security threats to be concerned about, but I would still recommend allowing the bridge to update it's firmware on a regular basis. The Smart Bridge checks for firmware updates daily or upon a power cycle. Therefore, if you would like to force a firmware update before the automatic check, you can perform a power cycle while connected to your network.

    Thank you for your feedback on Google Now integration. We're continuously looking to improve the capabilities of our Caseta system. We will pass along your feedback to our development team for future consideration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by binky View Post
    And with the app in demo mode, that works the way I want as well- no time-consuming, annoying login required, no Internet-related security concerns, etc.
    That sounds awesome. What are the steps to put the app in this mode?

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