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Thread: Help troubleshooting multi switch - one button just went out while all others work

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    Help troubleshooting multi switch - one button just went out while all others work

    HiWe have the Radio RA2 system and have had it for 3+ years working perfectly in our kitchen and living room. The kitchen and living room area has 5 multi switches that all have 6 buttons. While many buttons are different they all have one button that either turns on the "island" by itself or the island in concert with something else. Today the "island" button stopped working, but all other buttons on all the switches work. In addition, the buttons that share island with something else work and still turn on the other part of the sequence. I called Lutron and they were no help. I've read through the forum, but I couldn't find any threads that seemed relevant. I would be very grateful if anyone that knows or has had this problem before could pass along the fix or even what to troubleshoot. Sadly, I didn't install the system so my knowledge is a bit limited, but i'm more than happy to get into it. I just am having a hard time finding the right starting place to diagnosis the problem. Thanks in advance

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    If I understand correctly... the "Island" buttons still control other lights just not the actual island? The island lights are controlled by a dimmer. Locate the dimmer and see if the lights respond to manual operation of the dimmer. This will determine if the dimmer is working.

    Using the app, see if the dimmer responds. This will determine if the radio is still working.

    Check the LEDs on the dimmer. If they are off it could be a tripped breaker or a minimum load issue (check the bulbs).

    If the bottom 3 LEDs are on, there is a small, pull-out tab below the big button. Pull it out, wait a few seconds then push it back in. This will reboot the dimmer. If this doesn't clear the 3-LEDs-of-death, the dimmer is dead.
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