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Thread: Rpm-4u-120 and led mr16 mag transformer

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    Rpm-4u-120 and led mr16 mag transformer

    I have a customer with an older Homeworks system. The dimming modules are rpm-4u-120. The customer is desperate to switch over to LED mr-16s. The bulk of the lights connected to the system are magnetic transformers driving mr-16s.

    I noticed that rab MR16-9-930-35D-DIM seems to work ok. But I am not one to try and wait and see what happens. I need documentation. Sadly I cannot find in writing that this combination will work.

    Does anyone know of a LED mr-16 that will work and is documented by either Lutron or the led manufacture as compatible?

    I had a local homeworks guy take a look at the system that was installed but never completed 10+ years ago. He plans to try to extract the programming but said he will likely need to update the processor to use rpm-4a modules, however I am not finding a listed as compatible LED mr-16 option for that module either.

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    I would NOT RECOMMEND using LEDs of any kind with older MLV transformers that are not specifically designed to work with LEDs. You will get pop-ons, pop-offs, random on/offs, and lots of phone calls.

    Lutron published the document below with info on dimming MR16 LEDs. However, I don't think this addresses the issue of older MLV transformers. They also recommend Soraa LEDs. Sorra makes a good bulb with great light quality and a price to match.

    The last one I did we converted the MR16s to GU10s (120v). The only issues are that GU10s don't have as many beam width options and they are longer than MR16s (may not fit in some cans).
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