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Thread: ISO an ID of the Power Supply Option for an LED Strip Lighting Installation

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    ISO an ID of the Power Supply Option for an LED Strip Lighting Installation

    I recently finished an electrical construction lighting crew assignment employing Lutron EcoSystem equipment. I was doing mainly fixture installation, only knowing enough of the wiring to terminate the dimmer control wiring without knowing the "nitty-gritty" technical details and want to know more Lutron lighting design.In particular I was involved in wiring a fairly sizable (approx. 100' long) LED strip lighting installation. The installation was groups of about 2' - 3' light strip segments divided into about 12 *power supply* "zones" (rather than *lighting control* zones: the entire installation was switched on/off as a unit). 24 V power for each installation zone was supplied by splicing polarity-sensitive 14 AWG stranded plastic cord with 12/2 MC cable segments.The lengths of MC were then terminated in what I can only describe now as a "specialty junction box" containing a 277V/24V transformer and what one electrician familiar with the layout details described to be either fuses or circuit breakers marked "5 A" for each segment of MC cabling.I have spent hours looking through Lutron's online documentation and the closest products that I can find are Lutron's CSPS-P1-10-6 10-outlet Power Panel for remote controlled shades ( ) and (possibly) the Mini XP Softswitch ( ).However, the technical specifics for these panels *still* don't sound exactly like this installation. I give up!Looks like this may have been a Lutron custom designed solution.I would like to know if there is a standard Lutron power supply panelboard specifically designed for powering LED strip lighting.Above all, I would like to know if "power panel" is the correct generic term for this kind of lighting power supply.Thanks in advance.
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    What you are describing sounds like Energi Savr Node with EcoSystem. It could also have an addition QS power supply (not CS), if additional control power was needed (for keypads, etc.). Try

    Lutron systems are flexible enough that they may seem custom engineered. Energi Savr Node can be used to control a variety of loads. Yours just happened to be all LED.
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