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Thread: Control4 Events Triggered By Security Mode Being Enabled

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    Question Control4 Events Triggered By Security Mode Being Enabled

    Not entirely sure this is the right place for this, so have xposted to the control4 forum too to be sure.

    I have a client who would like the PIR's across the property to trigger Sercurity Mode if the system is in holiday mode. So if someone does get past their alarm system, the Lutron knows no-one should be in the house, turns on security mode, which then flashes all the lights.

    Further to this they would like the Lutron to notify the Control4 that Security Mode is enabled, then control4 can push emails out to the client and set an alarm sound playing across the Sonos system which is also under control4's domain.

    I have the Lutron and Control4 talking, but can't see any triggers based on events, or alternatively any way to send triggers from the Lutron.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would think that on the lutron end you would program security mode to a phantom keypad if no physical one already exists to put security mode on. Then program security mode on lutron end to a keypad button. Control 4 then can watch the status of that button led. Once you see that LED on you can trigger your events in control4

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