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Thread: Caseta Starter Kit: P-BDG-PKG1W Reverse Phase Compatible?

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    Caseta Starter Kit: P-BDG-PKG1W Reverse Phase Compatible?

    Hello. New to forum. Just purchased the starter kit from HD and installed easily; however, I noticed the dreaded buzzing (not super loud, but noticeable since the bedroom is 8ft ceiling). I am using the ecosmart BR30 dimmable x4 and while it functions nicely, I read that a possible fix was to have the dimmer operate with a reverse phase. Is the starter kit model able to do this? I believe the kits only come with the PD-6WCL. Or is the PD-5NE the model that can do this? (

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    Hello jcfunklive,Thank you for your post! You are correct that the PD-6WCL cannot do reverse phase dimming and instead can only do forward phase dimming. You are also correct that the Caseta Wireless PD-5NE can in fact do reverse phase dimming, for more information on this Caseta Wirless control please see our support site @ Hope this information helps!-JustinF.

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    Thank you so much for the information keep suggesting us such an informative post I will recommend this post to others about Caseta Starter Kit: P-BDG-PKG1W Reverse Phase Compatible?please tell me some more about this product I think to buy it soon please suggest the best site to buy it.

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    Hello Joseph093, I've included a link below to the specification sheet for the Caseta dimmers. The PD-5NE is a phase selectable dimmer, and the default setting is reverse phase. If you need to use forward phase dimming, the setting can be changed through local programming on the dimmer.

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