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Thread: Under cabinet lighting

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    Question Under cabinet lighting

    I bought a Maestro MSCL-OP153M for motion sensing on and dimming under cabinet strip lights (mounted on top of cabinets) for abeyance. The WesTech strip lights I bought did not work, even though they state that they are dimmable. I did work through the directions included with the Maestro dimmer and searched the online compatibility list. Nothing mentions strip lights. Question; Are there any strip or puck lights that are compatible with the Maestro? Or should I buy a different type dimmer? Thank You! eZAK

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    The OP153M is a leading edge/forward phase dimmer. Sometimes referred to as "incandescent dimmers." You should confirm the WesTech is forward phase. If it is trailing edge/reverse phase or electronic low voltage, it would not be compatible. There is no trailing edge/reverse phase sensor/dimmer combination.

    Generally speaking, a dimmer with a neutral connection is going to be a better solution. Lutron makes a series of remote sensor (RPS family) that works with Caseta (non-system), RA2 Select, and RadioRA 2 dimmers. It's a more expensive option but more flexible as well.
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