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Thread: 2 x MSCL-OP153MH-WH Question for 3 way application

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    2 x MSCL-OP153MH-WH Question for 3 way application

    Hi there,I have purchased two of these for a 3 way application. One is at the bottom of the stairs. The other is at the top of the stairs.I want the one light in the stairwell to come on when someone from upstairs approaches the stairs or when someone downstairs approaches the stairs. Both switches would be in proximity to get the movement.I wired these two in and it didn't work.I am looking at your website and noticing I don't see any application for using these two occupancy/dimmer switches.Can this be done or is there a better way to do this?I am trying to avoid this stair well light being on all the time. Thanks.

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    You can not have (2) OP153M sensors controlling the same group of lights. The OP153m will work with a single mechanical 3-way switch or up to 9 Maestro companion dimmers (MA-R).
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