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Thread: my lutron maestro has died,,,after 5 days of doing what it should

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    my lutron maestro has died,,,after 5 days of doing what it should

    I have two rooms that i did same thing with...I installed 3 lithonia downlight 4" LED potlights in each room- with one lutron maestro C-L 153 MH dimmer in each room. After a week one maestro has completely died...No green lights on it - at all. To trouble shoot I swapped one lutron for the other...and another maestro the one is still completely dead. What happened?? Can i return it...but will a new one die the same way- after a week?? thanks!

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    Check the compatibility of the down light and dimmer. If the down light is ELV it could cause the dimmer to fail.

    You should be able to return the defective/broken unit. Contact the company you bought it from. They may handle the return directly or may refer you to Lutron.
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