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Thread: Schedules set via the app are not running

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    Schedules set via the app are not running

    I have a Radio RA2 system. I set a schedule using the mobile app, but it only runs when I click on it, not during the scheduled time. Any suggestion?Thank you

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    @ghurty- which app are you using, and are you aware of the firmware version on your main repeater?
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    Make sure you have the correct time selected. I've been doing this a long, long time and I still forget to change AM to PM, etc.

    Make sure you have the correct mode selected. Normal is for events you want to occur regularly. Away is for events that you only want to occur when you are not home. Like a vacation program. Events can be assigned to more than one mode. You may want your landscape lights to come one when you are home and away.

    Make sure the clock is in the correct mode. In the connect app, select schedules. The line under neath it should say "Normal mode." Tap on it to change the mode.

    Home Control+ is similar but you will need to use a tablet and go to "Home Glance" to set the time clock mode.
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    RA2 with Lutron Connect App

    I have a daily schedule for specific lights in my home to come on at Sunset and turn off at 11:45 PM. I also have a daily schedule to turn our outside lights on at Sunset and turn off at 11:59 PM. All four of these were working before we had the new repeater installed and started using the Lutron Connect App. Now three of the four "schedules" are working but one is not. (The schedule not working is to turn our inside light on at sunset everyday.) I deleted the original and reset it up in the app and it still is not working... Read previous posts about "Normal" setting and firmware was updated when the repeater was installed. Is there something else I can try to get this working? Thanks in advance!

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