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Thread: Illuminations 1.64 Software Needed

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    Illuminations 1.64 Software Needed

    Hello,Currently trying to do some modifications to an exisitng Illuminations Project. 1.65 is crashing and everything I've read said 1.64 is more stable under Win10. Can some body PM me or let me know if I can get a copy.David GrovesHigh IQ Homes of Texas, LLC

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    I've been running Win10 upgrade with 1.65 for a while and have not experienced any issues. Access databases are notoriously quirky. An error or 2 in a table or 2 and it will seem like WWIII. Especially if it is a file you have extracted. Have you tried the database repair tool? On the floorplan screen, select tools, repair database.

    Lutron has the PM feature turned off. If you want you can contact me directly at
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Updated Lutron software

    Hi - I am runnung I have a older Homeworks Illumination system (installed in 2007) with a Homeworks HWI-LV24-120 4 Series panel with a HWI-PS panel. The Lutron software is a Beta program (HW Illumination, 1.16 Beta) only works with Windows XP. In the system I have an RS-232 interface to control some 3rd party shades.I am looking to get updated software (non Beta), what is the best version and where can I get it so it runs on Windows10?

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    If you are a certified dealer, you can get the software by logging into your MyLutron account. Once logged in go to "technical information"> "legacy products"> use the drop down and select "Home Works Illumination"> click on software and you will have access to the most recent version of the software. I hope this helps

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