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Thread: DMX 512 and a 16-bit LED Light

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    DMX 512 and a 16-bit LED Light

    I have a problem as the Lutron QSE-CI-DMX is an 8 bit dmx controller but I have lights that are 16 bit dmx protocol.Does anyone know of a product that can translate/adapt between 8-bit and 16-bit? I have searched the internet and cannot find anything but would think there must be this issue out there in the vast stage lighting world. I am willing to give up the DMX fine control provided by the 16-bit protocol so that I can integrate with the QSE-CI_DMX.Or are there any Homeworks programming tricks to allow me to work around this?Thanks,James

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    Thank you for your post jphalin.We looked this over with our team and our equipment does not stream 16bit, just 8bit. Unfortunately we do not offer a converter device or have any that we could recommend.

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