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Thread: Going insane ...

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    Going insane ...

    I'm having trouble with some Lutron products, and I'm rapidly going insane. Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction. Here's my story ...Setup: 2 bathroom lighting fixtures, initially controlled by a Lutron Diva DV-600P. The bulbs were unknown spec halogens/incandescents. We never really noticed that the lights never actually dimmed at all (wasn't originally supposed to be a dimmer anyway), but they turned full-on and turned full-off, so we were happy. Ah, those were the days … Then the problems began:1) First, one of the bulbs went out. I happily thought I could switch to LEDs, so I bought a pack of these: As soon as I installed one, I noticed it seems bright enough, but way too cold. So I ordered a different pack, with warmer temps: 3) When the new bulbs arrived, I installed them, only to find that they were quite dim, and barely dimmable - they had about two settings, and both were bad. They also flickered to a varying degree. 4) … so I switched back to the colder bulbs, but they were doing the same thing. It *seemed* like those had been brighter before, but all the LEDs at this point were not working well with the dimmer …5) … so then I stuffed the original working unmarked halogen/incandescent in just to get some light back … and it didn't work now. 6) I figured I had maybe gotten oil on the bulb, or broken the filament when I was uninstalling, so I ordered a pack of these now: When these arrived, I was eager to be done with the whole thing … and yet they didn't work AT ALL. Like, darkness. The LEDs still gave a paltry, flickering light. 8) Now I had the theory that the dimmer had been burnt out at some point, either before when it didn't appear to, well, dim, or after, when I hooked up LEDs to a non-LED-supporting dimmer like the Diva, so …9) … I ordered and installed a Maestro MACL-153M.10) Long story short: exact same situation: LEDs flicker in a totally useless, medium setting, and the halogens that I ordered above were totally dark. I went through the "configuration" to set the low and high end a bunch of times, but when in that mode, the LED bulbs would never stop flashing (not flickering here, full on flashing).So … there we are. Thoughts on how I got here, and how to make this problem go away? I'm frankly baffled at this point.

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    Hello jeffchrisope,Thank you for your post! We are sorry about the frustrations you are experiencing with our controls. After reading your story, I am wondering if something isn’t going on with the fixture itself. Would you be able to replace the MACL-153M with a standard single pole switch to see if the bulbs still flicker? If so, there is an issue with the fixture. If not, then something is going on with the dimmer, though there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues with the halogens. If a regular switch works, I would recommend calling our 24/7 technical support team at 1-844-588-7661 to troubleshoot the circuit. Hope this info helps! -JustinF.

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