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Thread: Is there a Plugin Module for RA2 Select for LED Lights

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    Is there a Plugin Module for RA2 Select for LED Lights

    I am a little horrified that I have the Ra2 Select system--not sure if this is modern or discontinued, but anyway, it's what my installer put in. But I don't see a simple plugin module for a lamp--but the lamp has LED bulbs....all I see that is compatible is a 300w table lamp switch that looks like it is for incandescent bulbs--I haven't even seen an incandescent bulb in 10 years.

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    Ra2Select is not discontinued. It is actually the newest lighting control platform Lutron offers (with the exception of Lutron HomeWorks QSX which debuts next year). It can also be upgraded to the full RadioRA2 for true keypads and such. The lamp dimmers will work fine for many LED lights, and I recommend you use the LED compatibility tool to shop for LEDs if at all possible to alleviate potential dimming performance issues. RA2 Select lamp module model numbers: compatibility tool Hope this helps!
    Evan Kirkhart- Home Electronics Solutions

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