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Thread: Phantom Button with Raise/Lower Last Button Pressed - Possible?

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    Phantom Button with Raise/Lower Last Button Pressed - Possible?

    Hello all I'm trying to create Phantom buttons on the main repeater for the SeeTouch keypads with the function of Raise/Lower Last Button Pressed.I create the phantom button on the main repeater and then assign the function as Raise/Lower Last Button Pressed. However, it's not possible to assign it to any keypads or devices (they are all greyed out) When the Phantom button is pressed (via telnet), I just see a single event from the output: GNET> ~DEVICE,25,21,3Is there someway to accomplish this that I might be overlooking? There was a post from a few years ago, looks like someone got it to work, so hoping I'm just missing something. Thank you for any help!

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    I believe, if you assign a button on the main repeater as R/L Last, the keypad is the main repeater. That is why the other devices are greyed out. You can send commands to a device the same way you send them to the main repeater. You can add a keypad (say 15b tabletop) and use it as a phantom. It does take up an address and you will get a warning when you upload that the system can't find the device but it will work. You can also hide it from the app.
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    Thanks @randyc appreciate the info and quick response! It is probably doing R/L of last keypress on the repeater as you say, I'll see if I can do some more digging on the output of the repeater. Keypads work wonderfully with raise/lower of last button press at a site, trouble is trying to now add in Sonos control with the bridge at a site. To control Sonos volume with the R/L keys, you have to change their function to Lower Programmed Device (then link those buttons in the app to control Sonos volume). Unfortunately this means no more R/L control for the shades/lights on that keypad.

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