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Thread: 4 speed Caseta Fan control has only 1 speed Full max or nothing

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    4 speed Caseta Fan control has only 1 speed Full max or nothing

    I replaced an old fan speed control (one with a turning knob) into a Caseta and now it spins full speed on max position. If I slow it down from there one step it goes extremely slow (like 1 rev every second) and positions 1 and 2 give no speed. If I speed up from 1 to 3 the third step won't generate enough power to even slightly make it turn...Can I adjust the speed intervals?Thanx in advanceHans

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    There is no way to adjust the speed settings.

    Make sure the pull chain on the fan is on high.
    Make sure the power in is connected to the screw terminal.
    Make sure you have the neutral connected. Not all white wires are neutrals.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Did you find a solution to this? My hunter fan & Lutron Caseta combo also seem to have the same issue. High is good, but the other speed settings are so low. Fan chain is on high. Would be nice to control the speed setting intervals on the caseta.

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    This seems to be a common problem across all of there switches. From my reading I see lots of people complaining about full speed or extremely slow speeds. I have a maestro wall mount single pole 4 fan speed/ light dimmer switch controlling Edison fans and I’m in the same boat. Has anyone solved this issue? I don’t even see an adjustment listed in advanced programming (fass)

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