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Thread: Flashing lights on Grafik Eye

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    Flashing lights on Grafik Eye

    I have a GXI-3104-CE and suddenly the lights flash a bit faster than once a second. It seemed to happen out of the blue and the system can work for a few minutes sometimes without flashing. Any ideas? Cant see where I would find a controller nowadays (and Im not entirely sure the problem is there) and thought of changing it is horrendous.Thank you to anyone who has an idea.

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    I believe the GXI is the equivalent of the GRX in North America. If the load is flashing, it is a compatibility issue. These units were designed before LED bulbs so they have a very limited capacity and will only do forward phase/leading edge dimming. You can try changing the load type to non-dim and see if the issue goes away.

    If keypad LEDs are flashing it could be the power supply. You can add a stand alone power supply for the keypads. If the LEDs on the main unit are flashing, it is probably beyond repair.

    Lutron has discontinued the GRX and presumably the GXI. You should be able to find some online. They are not too difficult to swap out. If it is part of a system, make sure you get the address right.
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