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Thread: MACL-LFQ-WH switch - Cant turn on or off Light and Fan

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    MACL-LFQ-WH switch - Cant turn on or off Light and Fan

    I've had this switch installed for about 5 months and it has been working well, but the other day, I went to turn off the lights and all the indicator lights started flashing. I couldn't control the ceiling fan or light, so I just pulled the FASS tab out. I woke up next morning and pushed in the FASS tab and the lights automatically turned on, but I couldnt turn on the fan or dim the lights. Indicator light for Light 7 and Fan 3 are constantly blinking. In the manual, it says, 'Light pull chain in off state or all the lamps are blown out", but all lights are on. I've searched online and saw maybe I had incompatible bulbs, so I replaced the light bulbs using the compatibility list. 'Problem still exist. Currently I have to use the FASS tab to turn off and on the lights. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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    Try an incandescent bulb to see if that resolves the issue. Since it was working correctly, it could be a loose connection in the box, or a defective device. Might be worth a call to Technical Support to see if you can get it sorted out. Hope this helps!
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    You should contact Tech Support. Depending on how "incompatible" the bulbs were they may have damaged the device. It could also be caused by a surge.

    If you adjusted the dimming range you can try repeating that. If the limits are too close together it could cause issues. That should not affect the fan though.
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    Fixed it.

    I have this switch in my 4-year-old son's room. While giving him a ride on my shoulders, he pulled the light chain to the fan. No bueno. Tried pulling again. No dice. Removed the bulbs and tried them with a simple lamp - bulbs good. Put them back in the fan, no joy. Tried pulling the FASS. Variations on everything within the room (FASS, chains): nothing worked.Removed the MACL-LFQ-WH and put in a mechanical switch for the light wire only: lights worked! Re-wired the MACL and it worked again. I think disconnecting the MACL from power completely allowed it to reset. Next time I'll just try flipping the breaker on and off.May be too late for rintintin, but I thought I'd post. Who knows, I may search for this issue in another two years and find my own solution again (yes, I've reached that age).

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