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Thread: MS-OPS2H - correct face plate for 2 gang / 3 gange with toggle switches

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    Question MS-OPS2H - correct face plate for 2 gang / 3 gange with toggle switches

    Hi, I have recently installed a couple of single MS-OPS2H switches and the faceplate included what I would guess you call a "bezel" - snap on cover for the face plate. However, I also have a couple of 2 gang and a single 3 gang install but cannot find a face plate for those other than standard faceplate with no bezel. Any one out there who has done a 2 gang/3 gang install have input on what you did? Thanks

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    You are talking about what is known as a screw less wall plate. I haven’t heard of one that is a combination Decora and toggle switches. You could call Lutron Customer Support and see if they are willing to make you a custom one, but it will be much more cost-effective (and look better) to just switch out the toggle switches with rocker switches. Otherwise, you could use a normal wallplate with the visible screws. Hope this helps!
    Evan Kirkhart- Home Electronics Solutions

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