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Thread: Any way to merge two QS databases together?

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    Arrow Any way to merge two QS databases together?

    Hey folks,We have a situation where our client is building a new house next door on their property, and will be turning their old house into a guest house.

    The old house has it's own QS system, and they would like to have both houses on the new QS system.

    Is there any easy way to import the old program into the new database?

    If not, what would be the most efficient way to rebuild it?

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    I am not aware of anyway to combine the 2 databases. You could try tech support. I would expect their first, second and maybe 3rd answer to be no. If you can get past that, someone in engineering might be able to help.

    Since you can't have 2 copies of the program open, or even 2 databases open, I would open the original on 1 PC and the new one on a 2nd PC. (Yes, I am the geek with 2 PCs on my desk). Then go screen by screen and add one to the other. I would probably add the new to the old since it has been working. If you have to upload to the old house you will get some errors and warnings about the new house but it will work.

    There was some discussion here about maintaining systems separately. Lutron parses the program using some algorithm that Google can't figure out. If you loose a processor or even communication between the houses, weird things will happen. A keypad may be physically in the new house but it may need part of the program that is in the guest house. Timed events seem particularly susceptible to this. They can use the app to control lights in the other house, they would need to switch homes in the app. The only extra expense is a 2nd connect bridge.
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