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Thread: Keypad High, Medium, Low Toggle

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    Keypad High, Medium, Low Toggle

    Im trying to program my keypad to operate a group of lights in a single room to set levelsMy intentions are:High - 100%Medium - 60%Low - 25%When pressing the "high" button, the "high" indicator led would be on. If pressing "Medium", the lights would drop to 60% and the "Medium" indicator would come on. Pressing the "Medium" button would turn the lights off. My problem is that when I press one of the buttons, all 3 indicator lights come on. Currently they are programmed to toggle control/room monitoring. Should it be set to something else?

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    Change to "Path of Light". you will still have the toggle function, but the LED readout for the indicators will track EXACT levels, so this behavior should stop. toggle/Room Monitoring has the LEDs set to ANY level- i.e, if on at ANY level, then the indicator will be on.
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