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Thread: Homekit & Siri - You must be on your home Wi-Fi network to set up Siri

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    Question Homekit & Siri - You must be on your home Wi-Fi network to set up Siri

    I am getting this message when I try to set up Homekit & Siri in the Caseta App on my iPhone:"You must ge on your home Wi-Fi network to set up Siri"I have tried all the steps in the guide: what? I have seen some videos where the person is using the app for the first time and get's to some location in the app to set up the Smart Bridge. Do I need to delete my account and restart all over to get that set up? I have 19 devices set up, seems like that is an extreme proceedure to get this new Smart Bridge to work. Thanks if you read this!

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    Have you tried power cycling the Caseta Bridge and after it reboots and you can sign back into the app try linking them again. If this does not work check the IP address on your phone. You can then download the free Fing App and scan your network to see what IP address the Caseta Bridge has. If they do not have the same IP strand then they are not on the same network and will not link. Example: If Phone has an IP address of 192.168.1.XXX the bridge should have the same address except the last three digits would be different. If the bridge has an IP strand of they are not going to link. Would have to check your network settings then.

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