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Thread: Controlling a Plug

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    Controlling a Plug

    Hi - noob to this forum.So I have a dimmable switch that is controlling my front light of the house, all works fine. I'm now installing some landscape lighting and I want to have it all come on at the same time as the front and so I want to integrate with a luton system.The idea was to have a PD-6ANS wired directly to an electric outlet. That outlet has my landscape transformed plugged into it. Thus the switch could turn on and off the landscape box.Worked...ish. Seems there is a trickle of electricity going through so in the off mode the transformer would actually flicker on an off really quick but it didn't turn on the lights.But after a while of just having it on, the transformer wouldn't turn off again.Is this possible, do I just need to wire in a LUT-MLC or is it just not going to work with this transformer in this configuration?Thanks.

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    The LUT-MLC should help. You could also be getting feedback from something else on the circuit that is preventing the dimmer from turning the load off.
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