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Thread: 3rd Party Controllers with RRa2?

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    3rd Party Controllers with RRa2?

    I use the MiCasaverde Vera and they have a Radio RA2 plugin (I gave them remote access to my system so they could develop it). I can use the Vera to turn on/off dim, shades up, shades down, I have two separate 6 button keypads. Both have an engraved button for "stereo" which does not have a Lutron load programmed to it. When I press this button, Vera sees it and turns the Sonos on.

    I can of course have Vera check the weather and turn the lights on. If certain doors are opened when certain (non-monitored) alarm sensors are "armed" (armed in Vera) then the Radio RA2 security feature kicks in and lights flash etc.

    All this is great. I can even use my Amazon echo to send a command to a "hue clone server" running on raspberry pi that delivers URLs to Vera to control lights... (talk about multi-stage integration! Voice --> Echo --> Raspberry Pi --> Vera --> Lutron repeater)

    But I don't know how much longer I can last with the Vera system.

    What are other 3rd party systems folks are using reliably with Radio RA2?

    I may make the move to OpenHab but there does not seem to be a Lutron Radio RA2 binding for it yet and not sure I have the skills to write one.

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    If you're a Mac user, Indigo is a full featured home automation system with a RRA2 plugin.

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    I'll second the suggestion of Indigo if running on Mac. If you're on a PC, CQC is a very solid choice.

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    What about firmware-based devices? As in, not using a desktop operating system and all the hassles those bring. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there's lots of great things those might offer. I'd like to hear more about others. Anything else making a connection with a RA2 repeater setup?

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    Did you find any other options? I'm looking for a home automation system with security and rr2 integration

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    Based on I out here and elsewhere I went to Indigo and have been pleased. Works with my DSC alarm.

    lights flash when alarm sounds.

    Alarm can turn lights on and off. Alarm motion detector (wired in my case ) turns the hallway light on.

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    If you still search you can take a look at Homeseer the have different plugin for security system and other add-on as audio, sprinkler, etc...

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